Jennifer Sterling, MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Offering Individual & Couples therapy
3120 Telegraph Avenue    f   Berkeley, CA 94705    f    (510) 845-9101

In my psychotherapy practice, I work with women, men, and couples (gay and straight) wishing to explore more satisfying ways of living.   In our work together, I can help you clarify the underlying patterns of thinking and feeling that are creating obstacles to healthy relationships and keeping you from living more fully in the present.  I emphasize listening and responding in ways that are carefully attuned to your needs and are attentive to the larger social context in which you are living.  The therapeutic relationship provides an experience of respect and mutual engagement that is central to this process of exploration and change.


About Me

I am an experienced, warm, and compassionate therapist with a background of study in relational psychotherapy and effective communication. 

My practice is multi-cultural and diverse.  I acknowledge the impact of cultural and political factors in our lives.


3120 Telegraph Ave, Suite 4  *  Berkeley, CA  94705  *  (510) 845-9101